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meet our change-makers

An accomplished entrepreneur, serving as the Founder & CEO of and Co-Founder, Head of Partnerships at BWOSS.

Beyond addressing the challenges of diversity in tech, Hana’s commitment to supporting people in finding meaningful careers extends beyond her role as Co-Founder.


She is an active volunteer and mentor, leveraging her expertise and experience to help others succeed. With over a decade of dedication to this cause, Hana is a recognized leader in the tech industry and a driving force for positive change.


An accomplished Sales Leader, serving as the Co-Founder, Head of Education at BWOSS.


To know Lena is to know her work. A passionate sales leader with a decade of experience in sales. She's built multiple inclusive and successful sales teams & cultures through her coaching. 


Her work is rooted in empowering marginalized communities in building themselves economically while being joyful and healthy.

She believes in the power of people and works with them to create inclusive, diverse and equitable sales cultures.

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