the colourful
side of tech sales


A supportive, safe & vibrant community designed for Black, Indigenous and Women of Colour in Tech Sales.

Our community is designed to support you in your career. Whether you are figuring it out, looking to further develop your skills and grow or just pivot - we've got you.

Tech sales has many career pathways from Sales Development & Customer Success to more technical roles like Account Management, Product Marketing & Solutions Engineering.


Don't worry we have various education pathways to help you professionally develop & break in.


Whether you prefer going at your own pace, thrive in virtual class environments or are somewhere in between - we've got you covered.


We understand how difficult searching for a career can be.

Our career development services are designed to make it much easier.

We're here to help you find a meaningful career - not a job. 


Plus we made sure to partner with great companies that understand the true value of diversity & inclusion.